And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

Arrhhh, Current mood is lonely.

I don know why? just feel random want to blog something here. everyday i dreamed about everything that i talked about to you and every time had a chit chat with you i just sense it my feeling is different. I love the way you can make me laugh for absolutely no reason at all. One word can describe you is 'special' . also can said 'sha sha de' Muahaha...

Conclusion here is No one is like to be last one there and everyone also need some one to care. Include myself. So Two is Better than One. Am I rite?


J i N g said...

huiyohhhhhh. who is the special one? or the "sha sha" one? definitely is j....... oops! *covering mouth*

I agree! two is better than one.

Jarvis said...

Nolah.......don so gei po here....tat is very very old story .