The Mysteries of life

Hello guys i'm finally back again!!!..........woohoooooo

Now I'm the new improved JARVIS.
Because I can handle a lot of tough problem Praise GOD for that you are so good keep blessing me and guide me.
Why I said so?.........

Hmmmmm....because I've fulfill my building fund ...huuuuuuuuuuu... after I finished my pre-u course in TAR College I worried about my building fund but i keep praying for any part time or full time job so that I could able to fulfill it. and I still remember my leaders preach the sermon bout pray in specific. after listen the sermon i began to pray in specific I pray to GOD said i want get the job which is can cover my living cost expenses and I wish that my salary will more than RM1300. Then GOD really is answer my prayer. HE give me the job with GOOD PAID that is more than that what i pray before ...My salary is RM1600 and got rm500 allowance whoa...actually i don have any cert yet because i just finished my pre-u and the most funny part is i'm a business student but goto site working .....and i work as project supervisor in site.

Here is my life during working at TROIKA PROJECT


Cecilia Chiew said...

Uinahh!! project supervisor eh;) n hey u finally got an updated post! ;)

Jarvis said...

yea..finally Update it..thanks for encourage me.

project supervisor?...not cool at all lor....very hard lea...