Get the Financial freedom is my target.

Hi everyone, Finally i come back to this place.
I've been long time din't write something over here.

So today i would like to share about my life.
within this half of the year i have done so many things and achieved the goals which is i had set the targets by 2010.

So come back to the topic, within this half of the year i know how to manage well in finance . Maybe some of you know how to invest in the share market earlier than me or know to control your money very well but for me i able to save Rm1500 in this half of the year so this is good start for me. Let's said if i do it in one years so i can save up to 3000 per years.

I know maybe for those who reading my blog right now might be saying that 'ahhhhh' so a little bit only. but for the beginner that is a good start because i'm training myself to save more money. I know a lot of friends around me they don't have plan their money and saving as well.

*They come to ask me why i need to save more money and they saying that we still young and have a lot of time still waiting us* but they never think about it if they graduate from University or college they just can earn a little bit only maybe around Rm2000-2500. but if you work in kl i don't think so Rm2500 is enough to survive in kl and started to blame the COMPANY.

After that what is the next step normally they will do, they will get a loan for purchase the car. before you loan from the bank you need to give the down payment to purchase the car. what i gonna to tell you is if you start to saving from 19years old. i think after 4years you have RM12000 in your saving account. On that time you are richer than others who graduate from the same time.

Example:For those already married and got a one child i believe they will said now i just enough to paid my loan and others. i don't have extra money to saving. it is happen in anywhere especially in BIG CITY like Kuala Lumpur.
Or many of them just look's great and stylist and bring the LV beg, Gucci beg and so on. Do you have ever think about them is really rich?......

Do you think why we need to work? why we need the pro cert to get the job? why? Why? why?

The answer is all about the related money. we need the money to survive and paid off the debt.

So if you want become a rich person so for the
1st step: You need to learn how to saving and overcome the temptation don't tempted!!
2nd step: Planning (people don't paln to fail, they just fail to plan)
3rd step: Learn how to invest. don't work for money, let's money work for you

So if you need a tools for your financial planning
This is the useful website. check it out on this website


Theresa-withlove said...

It's a great start, bro!!

Jarvis said...

Hey theresa.

Thank you for your supporting and encouragement. I hope you can do it well and your financial planning as well..

Since nobody to judge me i think that's a good start.