That tonight gonna be a good night(gala diiner)

I just wanna share my all happiness to you all.....I definately have the greatest and most happening church in malaysia.....I love my church, I love my pastor, and whole members at the w26 and w47!!

*I just simply update it because this few months i need prepare for my final exam coming!! stress......What can i do?....but recently keith have teach us about how to manage balance in our life and learnt to say NO....*

MY Cell leader(mayshen)

W26 members

A Band of brothers

celebrity anthony
celebrity daniel lee ji han


J i N g said...

i didnt see my face. *sad to d max* ><

Jarvis said...

I told u dy rite...i just simply update it ....and i wont put another gal pic on my blog!!! woohooo..just kidding la....haha!!!

next time k.....i wont forget put u inside!