I Am Unique(Made by GOD)

PRAISE GOD..... GOD talking to me again....I really blessed by Troy Mashall and he remind me again,I love he said this: NObody like me and GOD have plan to me and this what GOD want do to me!! and i recall back when i was young. while growing up, all of us have had our own heroes. It could have been our favorite basketball player or favourite singer, or become investor businessman like warren buffet( B.S in Economics) we admired them and yearn to be like them when we grew up. They became our role models. we desired to have dress like them or talk like them. i think these are normal as part of growing-up process.

However, we must outgrow this once we have found our own uniqueness or hidden talents. All of us are fearfully and wonderfully made just like the bible said i will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. NONE of us is a mistake. The only mistake we can make is when we try to become someone whom we are not.

*No matter how hard you try to be like someone else, the best that you can be is only the SECOND best. When you were born, a destiny was implanted within your spirit. Live life to the fullest by discovering that destiny*- Inspired by destined for greatness(part 3)CG*

TIME not wait for you, Please don do nothing and wasted your time! Because GOD have plan for us. i knw sometimes troubles may fails us. but GOD never fail us! If you have experience the love of christ and you know HE is real and true. Keep believe in HIM and don try to limit HIM. And the bible said he has given each one of us a special GIFT through the generosity of christ! So keep praying. one day you will receive it!

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