My final exam (STPM) will be November, Just have a few months to let me prepare for it… I feel stress now! Sometime I will feel so stress when hear about it, this few week I’m feeling sick although I’m not really sick, just feel like very weak and no energy. Because when I wake up, my mind tell to me I still have a lot note haven’t study yet…. Usually I reduce my stress by playing guitar but now it doesn’t help much! GOD….help me!! Please show some way to guide me how to walk this way….I’m suffer now…I cant study well or doing something well now because when I’m trying to focus to do something every subjects will come into my mind….i cant enjoy much or sleep well….want to sleep also will worry about it!!.......LORD please help me fight a good fight in my final exam coming soon......i still have 4months to go... and i need u GOD..

Besides that, i felt i fall in love with someone but i donno what should i need to do..and i donno how to choosing for the right parner for life....or may be i scare reject by her because

her words felt like a knife ?and i knw i'm not the best for you!! ahaha...anyway these place are filled with memories!!

This feeling remind me back what i have done in my secondary school... now this pic all become my memory...all my friend separate ...some will be a doctor, some is enginering, some is biz man and some will be a Economic chancellor advisory cabinet...the sound so good!! ahaha

MY BIO teacher

always teach us non-sense chapter....but she is my best friend and give me tuition without pay!! wahahaha


Nelson said...

take it easy boy.. everything well be fine, just do you best! haha.. i am also having exam now... T.T i also want to breathe!!!! lolx... all the best man^^

Jarvis said...

hey bro...thank for support me...anyway we need fight for our future...ahaha...

1sen ♥ miya said...

finally...u UPDATED ur blog..haha^^